The Lindenburg House on Broad and Champion was built

Though it is built for Charles H. Lindenberg, president of the Lilley Regalia Company, by 1920 it is destined to become the home of ten governors of Ohio and their families, during the next 36-years.  It is designed in the Colonial Revival and/or Neo-Georgian eclectic style by architect Frank Packard. By 1954, it falls into such disrepair, that a Bexley Mansion, built by Malcolm Jeffrey, is given to the state to serve as the Governor’s Residence.

The Current Governor’s Residence has been occupied by Ohio’s governors ever since, except for 1975–1983, the third and fourth terms of Governor James A. Rhodes, who lived in the house during his first two terms, from 1963 to 1971.  For his second two terms he chooses to live in his own residence (1975 – 1983) as does current Governor, John Kasich, who has a private residence in the Columbus suburb of Westerville.

The former Lindenburg House is now the home of the Columbus Foundation and can be seen at 1234 E. Broad Street.